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Mouth organ (harmonica) with steel covering..I have bought it from delhi at 900 rupees...With awesome sound quality interested person may call on ...I...
Rs. 450
September 14 of 2013 in Expired result notice
mouth organ - Raipur - Musical Instruments - Pachpedi Naka
4 Fotos
Instrument: Organs only 15 day old new conditon mint sound
Rs. 400
July 24 of 2013 in Expired result notice
Mouth Organ/ Harmonica tutorial Book with CD Learning to play harmonica is now easier than ever before!The Absolute Beginners course has been designed...
Rs. 354
July 01 of 2013 in Expired result notice
Instrument: Organs i hv black colour mouth organ in good condition
Rs. 300
July 11 of 2013 in Expired result notice
Metal coated Harmonica(also called mouth-organ), wonderful melow vibrating floating sound. I have a suffocation problem thats why I wanna sell it. Interested...
Rs. 250
July 09 of 2013 in Expired result notice

mouth organ
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