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cricket attax cards

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It contains 180 awesome cards. and exclusive 3 limited edition cards of sachin tendulkar,zaheer khan and ms also contains 23 silver cards and...
Rs. 500
May 07 of 2013 in Expired result notice
Type: cards cricket attax 60 cards 3 gold,7silver,28 5star player,20 4splayer,2 3star player
Rs. 600
April 20 of 2013 in Expired result notice
All new ipl card games from tops silver foil
Rs. 65
April 16 of 2013 in Expired result notice
I'm selling top 2012 cards with all limited editions.please contact me i will let u know the price.Everything is in good condition Will also be accepted...
February 03 of 2014 in Expired result notice
Hi everyone i got cricket attax cards both twelve and thirteen
June 01 of 2013 in Expired result notice
Unique cricket attax cards which are 64 in number with all the best ones in it with 6 silvers 2 powerplays and most of 80 up players only for Rs 180.
April 22 of 2013 in Expired result notice

cricket attax cards
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